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[quickquestions]: ALCO

ALCO (Alvin Alvarez) is a visual artist and musician, one of the first to join the SYF Collective.

"I make music in my bedroom and also shoot photos." - ALCO

Instagram: @ALCOPhotos | @ALCOTunes

Spotify: ALCO

Latest EP: Not My Proudest Moments

Get to know ALCO through some quick questions!

SYF Collective: Let's start with this - What does "Creativity" mean to you?

ALCO: Creativity to me means seeing or hearing something in your mind and doing your best to represent that thought in a physical sense. I'm most inspired by those who make beautiful work from nothing. By nothing, I mean by those who strive for their pursuits despite what obstacles they may face in reaching their goal.

Creativity to me means seeing or hearing something in your mind and doing your best to represent that thought in a physical sense.

S: What would you say is the greatest hurdle you have in creating?

A: Perhaps the greatest hurdle I have in creating, which I'm sure many other artists can relate to is self doubt; whether that doubt is towards the creation that is being made to the abilities of myself, self doubt is always something that constantly comes up when I am creating something.

S: How do you overcome that?

A: I find that the best way to move past that is to push through those thoughts and continue creating anyway. Spending so much time wondering if something is "good enough" can leave something sitting idle in a folder for years that many people could enjoy, and the potential for improvement is much greater when you can gather input from other sources rather than one's self.

You'll never know how far you've gotten unless you allow yourself that chance to be seen from the outside every now and then.

S: Can you tell us about your most memorable creative moment?

A: My most memorable creative moments were probably when I first started messing around with song composition back when I was in high school. I used to have an iPhone at the time with GarageBand on it, and I would spend hours messing around with that app, coming up with songs and learning the basics of how to compose a song and what sounds decent or not in a recording.

S: How have your friends influenced your creative expression?

A: My friends -- I love that we all listen to and support and understand each other, through the best of times and worst of times. Many of the friends I have now, I met during a rough time in my life when I felt that I didn't have anyone and wasn't worthy of any friendship with anyone and they took me under their wing during that time of isolation and helped me realize my own importance and self worth. It's always inspiring to see their accomplishments and that in turn motivates me to do the same for my own work.

It's always inspiring to see [my friends'] accomplishments and that in turn motivates me to do the same for my own work.

S: And you have friends all over the Bay Area! What's your favorite spot in the Bay?

A: I'm not sure what my favorite place in the Bay would be. Honestly, as long as I'm driving my Prelude around I'm pretty content, but Berkeley is pretty tight. San Francisco is cool too. San Jose houses the majority of my friends, and Santa Cruz is a bittersweet place where old memories and new ones continue to form. Northern California is just a sick place to live in, even though it does cost an arm and a leg to live here.

S: Now I'm going to ask the important questions. Tacos or Burritos?

A: Depends on my ~m o o d~ Really, I love both. I'll have a burrito if I'm feeling EXTRA hungry.

S: Diplomatic. And If you could be any animal, what would you be? Choose your answer wisely.

A: If I could be any animal, I would be down to be a cool dog or a bird. A dog because I love dogs so much and they are always so happy, even if their situations aren't exactly the best. I would be a bird because flying around seems awesome. I'd also want to poop on stuff too.

S: If people what to connect with you, where can they find you?

A: I go to a lot of DIY shows in the Bay Area, mainly in the post-rock/math-rock scene, so if you ever go to any of those events chances are we'll bump into each other at some point.

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