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PRESENTED BY SYF: Yves, Sarah, & the Wheel

Yves & Sarah had an announcement.

SYF will be hosting a PINK, ART COLLABORATION event!


Join SYF Collective at our PINK ART COLLABORATION where there will be a LARGE CANVAS for friends of the collective to come together and contribute to a collaborative PINK painting.

There will also be a crafts bazaar where you can support SYF artists' selling crafts.

DATE: June 22, 2019


LOCATION: TBD (Oakland, CA OR San Francisco, CA)

Admission: Free (Drinks for suggested donation)

Join us! Follow @syf.collective on Instagram, and follow our Facebook page for more event details to come.

Want to know how we come up with this idea? Well...

Trusting the Wheel

Yves is a wealth of creative, eclectic event shenanigan ideas. We had a brainstorm-y, spit-fiery list of concepts and settings and thought, what about leaving the selection up to chance?

And so came about the wheel.

Although there were some growing pains, we managed to live stream a night of Yves, Sarah, & the Wheel, with performances by dear SYF musicians xantasia2000, James Sheets, and Andrew Montana. We spun a baseline, emergency version of "the wheel," which stands to grow into a much more glorious for our next wheel spin announcement. But before we get ahead of ourselves...

Among 10 ideas for concepts, we landed on PINK! AND

Among 10 ideas for settings, we landed on ART COLLABORATION!

Here's a snippet of the live stream if you missed it. Tune in next time Yves & Sarah spin the wheel!

#SYFPresents #xantasia2000 #JamesSheets #AndrewMontana

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